the draw by bastille




       How weird it was—thinking she had
       already picked up all the pieces and
       yet here he stood.

       She felt Aiden as a presence in the
       back of her head but couldn’t conjure
       any coherent thoughts. Unable to tell
       if this was messing it all up—

                        —or laying the final piece.

       Either way, she seems to be pulled
       towards him.


       Locking her arms around him without
       a word because she’ll fuck everything
       up if she says anything now. Trust was
       at best a sensitive subject, but right now
       she doesn’t need it. She just needs him,
       even if it’s only for this moment.

        His arms quickly found their way around
        her small frame, despite being surprised
        by the bold move. He hadn’t expected her
        to hold him this way, but now that she
        was in his arms, he wasn’t letting her go—
                                               not again.


                             After a long moment, he pulled away,
                             but only slightly, leaving room to look
                             at her face— her beautiful face. Sure,
                             he always knew of her beauty, but at
                             that exact moment, he could see it
                             up close. A smile formed, one that
                             was probably too big and his hands
                             gave her shoulders a gentle, reassuring

                                                        “Jodie. Just.. thanks.”




       What good did building walls do anyway
       if they all just came crumbling down so
                       e a s i l y .

       She knew, had known, should have known
      — and now this. In a thousand ways, a
       thousand nightmares she had imagined how
       her past would catch up to her and yet she
       never expected it to take form of the one
       person that could actually bring her back.


       ”I think… a part of me will always love you.
        But I’ve spent so much time trying to pick
        up pieces of myself—
                           I’m scared it’ll bring me back.”

                       “I understand. God, I do. That’s all
                        I’ve been doing since you last saw

                               —but you don’t have to do it alone, Jodie.”

   It was a relief to hear that
   she still loved him— more than
   a relief, it was.. almost too
   much to handle.

                              He wasn’t an emotional guy.
                              Few things struck his chord,
                              and she was one of them.

                                                    But she was hesitant.
                                                    He was, too.
                                                    She had every damn right to be.

             He took a step closer to her,
             but did not overstep that boundaries
             between the two, even though
             he wanted to simply pull her in
             for a hug.

                                    “Jodie, I’m here for you.
                                              Always have been, always will.”


           So wake me υρ when it’s all ơvєɾ
                       When I’m ωἶʂεɾ and I’m օlძεɾ
                                    All this time I was finding myself
                                                      And I didn’t know I was loѕт



       So it came to this.

       Maybe the weight of the words left unsaid
       between them became too heavy after all.
       Even though she thought she would be
       strong enough to hold it. 

       She took a couple of steps past him before
       she came to a stop as well. Turning towards
       him with her shoulders slightly pulled in.

       ”I know.”

       She was careful to speak the words as her
       own now. Aiden didn’t like this. Something
       wanting her to leave but she didn’t.


       ”Look, maybe I shouldn’t have come back
        here—I tried really hard to not fuck things

        Truth was ( i’m better off alone ) she did
        miss him. He had seldom felt more distant
        than he did now, standing right in front of


                        “No. No, trust me, I’m more than happy
                         that we got to meet. Ecstatic that you’re.. here.
                         Here with me.”

                                                  How was he to word this
                                                  without s c a r i n g her
                                                  away? He was used to
                                                  that— used to scaring
                                                  people away with his
                                                  past and his present

              He had to try.
              Even if it resulted
              in the opposite
              outcome that he

                                                    “Jodie, I.. I haven’t stopped—
                                                     thinking about you; not once.
                                                     —and I know things are complicated.
                                                        Things have never been easy,
                                                         not for me, or you, but..”

                        “I just want you to know that
                         what we had.. I still have..
                          and I still feel that way towards you.”



       ”No, it’s—it was this cabin in the forest, but
        that was some time ago. Before I came to
        see you last time.”

        She hadn’t been back there even though she
        had liked it there—but she was afraid of maybe
        stepping over pieces of something broken if
        she opened the door. It had been too long.

        There wasn’t any going back. Normalcy was
        not for Jodie Holmes, despite the dreams.

                               (was there any going back for h i m?)

        “—it’s been a lot of places since then.”


        Now, how long could she stare at that rock
        on the sidewalk without it looking weird?

                               (i am n o t asking myself this)


              She felt Aiden stir again
                                     and shut her up.


                       he had felt the entity’s presence.
                       though not in the way that jodie did,
                       ryan was still aware of him.

                                                 “I guess he’d rather not talk
                                                  about it. Or maybe it’s you
                                                  who’d rather not.”

         If he was to be honest with the woman
         who stood beside him, then he would
         tell her that all of this was not easy in
         the slightest. He was holding back a lot
         as they walked alongside each other—

                         with each step, it became harder
                         to stay silent. all he wanted to do
                         was tell her that he still loved her;
                         never stopped, not for a damn

                                           she was all he thought about.
                                           every day that passed by was
                                           hell without her.

           he wanted to wrap his arms around her,
           tell her that everything would be okay,
           that she’d never be alone.

                                  and she wouldn’t, because
                                  she had him and that wasn’t
                                  going to change.


                            It was then that he stopped walking.

                                      “—Jodie, I can’t do this.”


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       She smiled, “I mean—I’m not sure you’d want to.
       I’m no poet.”

                           (it is my mind d i s i n t e g r a t i n g)

       The first place to come to mind is the cabin by
       the river, although it seems like a lifetime ago. 
       Since then it has been mostly bleak motel rooms
       and there’s nothing else that really sticks out.

                  But why was it so hard for her to tell him about that?

       Maybe because that place had been her first
       escape. Maybe because by now she would have
       hoped to see something that would make it all
       worth it, somehow. For now she shrugs,

       ”—I don’t know. There’s still a lot to see, right?”


             Was she running?
                      She tried not to look at it that way.

       Because running meant she was still too busy to
       get to live the life she had always dreamed of. Even
       though, looking at it now, she was still far off track.

       ”This place’s nice, though.”

                    “ have your own way with words,”
                          and he meant that as a compliment.
                          He had never met a girl like her before,
                          and he was sure he would never meet another.

                                   there was only one jodie.

      His eyes scanned the area, a small shrug followed a pause.
      Yeah, here wasn’t too bad. In short, he supposed it wouldn’t
      matter where you were located if you couldn’t disconnect
      yourself with the thoughts that followed you around.

                 It was never necessarily about the place,
                 but more so about who you were sharing
                 the experience with. Hell, Heaven, Earth or
                 stranded in the middle of the ocean, if he
                 was with her, then he knew he’d be able to
                 conquer any of those places.

                                       But these were the thoughts that
                                       he was so bent on forgetting. These
                                       unanswered feelings; ones that he
                                       believed she shared with him once
                                       upon a time, but were forgotten over

               “—is this the place you were talking about?”

thebrokenmarionette ;;


          “—so what’s the plan?”

xoubliette ;;

            “—what’s this going to prove?
                   other than you’re an idiot.”